Twitter account retired

Today I retired the twitter account because it was becoming difficult to compress what I wanted to post in 140 chars. This lead to tweets which were edited and re-edited so as not to bombard people with updates which I feel was politest method, as otherwise people would become disinterested and ignore messages. This is one downside to twitter.

Pre-empted FAQS

Q. Why did you delete the account and not instead just stop posting to it?

A. I think is was the correct action rather than have dormant accounts being followed and requiring followers to unfollow it.

Q. So does this mean you will be posting to the blog more?

A. Hmm well I am not very good at updating blogs as they require more thought and time to write posts, this was one of the good points about twitter. For example my personal blog has not been updated in about twelve months. I can only say I will attempt to update this one.


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